Find here all the inputs you need about thin glass and how our team can help you shape your project !

The Product

What is thin glass?

Thin glass is a lightweight material, commonly used in many industries and many applications such as mobile phones, displays, lenses…

Though, it evolves as a versatile component of a final product and is therefore a crucial piece to consider.

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Source: www.agc.com/dragontrail

Why is it different from traditional glass ?

may have different specifications to fit with a dedicated application. From that standpoint, thin glass is used to address specific needs in terms of lightweight, shape, aspect, resistance and thickness.

What are the main benefits of thin glass ?




Scratch resistant


Neutral aspect

Shaped freely

Bending performance between soda lime glass (left) and chemically strengthened thin glass AGC  Dragontrail™  (right).
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True or False

  • Glass is fragile -NO- thin glass 5x stronger than tempered soda lime, hit-proof and scratch resistant 

  • Glass is heavy -NO- per square meter thin glass is as heavy as plastic

  • Glass has greenish aspect -NO- thin glass has neutral aspect

  • Glass is durable -YES- thin glass does not become dull over time

  • Glass is sustainable -YES- thin glass can also can be recycled

  • Glass is only square-shaped -NO- thin glass can be custom shaped 

ShapeYourGlass in a nutshell

What makes ShapeYourGlass a reliable partner in the thin glass scope?  

Since we are part of the world’s leading glass company, AGC Glass Europe SA, we achieved to develop our in-house thin glass, the Falcon. Our values of constant innovation are translated into our expertise.

How does it work concretely?

We advise our customers in bringing to life their concept by delivering a tailored solution through our 3 pillars:

Fast delivery

We ensure the delivery of your thin glass prototype under three weeks

Custom design

The shape is up to you whatever its complexity

No Minimum Order Quantity

We adapt to the quantity you require

What are the steps from your ideas to the deliverable?



What is thin glass made for?

We use thin glass where traditional glass is not meaningful. Since their features and performance differ from their usage, thin glass makes sense where traditional glass can’t compete. 

How do you integrate thin glass in real life?

It is commonly used in electronics (smartphones, tablets, touch displays…) and transportation industry (mainly for interiors). However, the need in lightweight and optical performance in various fields make thin glass more versatile and it, therefore, opens up wide ranges of applications.

What can you do concretely?

Thin glass allows many possibilities to add value to your objects and interiors, as a:

  • Glass component of a prototype

  • Cover glass for displays

  • Display item: printed thin glass

  • Corporate object: business card

  • Art object: sculpture

ShapeYourGlass develops thin glass products in various fields and we are eager to consider widening our scope.

Find out more about the possibilities thin glass provides here:

 Technical specifications


Chemically toughened

Safe foil application


Straight, circular or free shape

Shaping and edge finish

Edge grinding, drilling, laser finish

Bending (thermo-forming and cold-bending) 



0.5 mm

Up to 1.245 x 3.21 m

0.7 mm

Up to 1.35 x 3.21 m

1.1 mm

Up to 1.35 x 3.21 m

2.1 mm

Up to 1.60 x 3.21 m

Special treatments

  • Anti-warping

  • Silkscreen printing

  • Acid etching (single or double)

  • Anti-reflective coating

  • Wet coating application (anti fingerprint/hydrophobic coating) 

  • UV adhesive bonding