Glass prototyping service dedicated to indutrials and designers.
Open up the possibilities ! 


Who are we ?

As part of AGC Glass Europe SA, we shape the future of thin glass alongside you.
ShapeYourGlass gathers a dedicated team of designers and engineers to develop your thin glass project.
Thanks to our flexibility and local production, we ensure full personnalization of your product and fast delivery service according to your design constraints.

Find out more about our product and our services:

Why is it special ?

Custom design

Whatever the complexity of your project, we  adapt to your design constraints with our in-house thin glass

Fast prototyping process

We ensure reactivity and short lead time to deliver your prototype in less than 3 weeks


No Minimum Order Quantity

The quantities are up to you ! Our scope is ranging from small quantities to the mass production

How does it work ?

Odoo • Text and Image

How far we go ?

Meet the team


Company team

Sylvain Drugman


Company team

Quentin Anne De Molina

Prototype Coordinator

Company team

Mathilde Vasseur


Company team

Charlotte Jacob



Company team

Dylan Amsellem

Business Developer

Company team

César Colombo


The ShapeYourGlass service is powered by AGC Glass Europe.

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